The idea for Snoozebaby was conceived in founder Marleen Rameckers’s own quest to comfort her infant son who was born too early by caesarean and suffering from the KISS syndrome. She found that the soft materials of a silk scarf or washing tags on clothing had a calming effect on him. It was amazing:  although he cried a lot, he became calm and relaxed simply by feeling the tags with his tiny fingers, not only at bedtime, but also while he was awake.

The discovery was so wonderful that Rameckers set out to try and buy a toy with tags, but where would she find such a thing? Nowhere, was the disappointing answer, and her quest came to a halt. Then she decided to put the tag concept on the market herself. Thus, Snoozebaby was born. Following an extensive market survey in 2005, the first products were on the shelves within a year. The product line was quickly extended and the company entered the international market. Snoozebaby products are now available inmore than 450 shops in 30 countries.





Clean water for every child

It sounds like a given, but everyone has the right to clean drinking water. This is necessary for health and therefore, a chance at a future. Still, 1.1 billion people in the world have no access to clean drinking water. Stichting Max fights childhood mortality with small-scale drinking water projects in Bangledesh. The combination of drinking water provisions, latrines and advice is the most efficient manner to fight sickness and give children a future. Stichting Max builds the water wells in Bangledesh, together with local people.

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