Baby Solutions SA was established in Switzerland in January 2006 by Jacques Naim and his wife Marcela.

Jacques is a veteran of the baby industry having worked for many years for some of the world leading brands. Jacques was always interested in ‘design’ and had commissioned  important projects to design icons like Philippe Stark and Keith Haring.

When the opportunity came to create a modern, innovative, design oriented, colourful and functional line of baby products, answering babies’ and parents’ needs: mOmma came to life...

Baby Solutions is a flexible, always young and active company, able to promptly recognize the needs of modern parents and to optimize its’ team competence and professionalism to answer their expectations for an always updated and fresh line.


The immediate recognition of mOmma’s innovation and the European distribution created the necessity to start an affiliate company in nearby Italy: Baby Solutions Italia established in 2008, with the task of managing essentially the European distribution from an Italian warehouse in the Como province.





mOmma is an innovative range of toddler feeding products that were specially designed to promote development. This revolutionary line combines Italian style, round shape, bright colors, and a unique rocking motion to engage, entertain and stimulate your toddler during mealtime.  






Growing up is child's play... 
The rocking motion of mOmma products stimulates and engages baby during mealtime to promote development. Safe and hygienic, the cups rock but always remain upright so that the tops don't come into contact with the surface of tables or highchairs, ensuring maximum hygiene.


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