The birth of the registered brand Piccolo Bambino® in 1994 immediately positioned itself securely in the market place as “affordable luxury”. With a mandate to ensure the highest quality standards and customer service. To establish Piccolo Bambino® brand equity and meet the challenges by major retailers, Piccolo Bambino® used Abond's strong background in packaging, marketing and focused on detail. This was reflected in the premium quality of the product, creating a unique position in the market place. The well coordinated brand and packaging appeals to both the new parents and the gift consumer.




Since then, Piccolo Bambino® has grown to become a phenomenal success and a market leader in premium baby accessories and gifts sets. Piccolo Bambino® is a true success story experiencing exceptional sell through and expanding to retailer's world wide. Looking towards the future, Piccolo Bambino®'s design team will continue to produce exciting quality products to honor and to be cherished by future generations.


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