We are a dynamic company with many years of experience. Simply Good first started in Shilav, Israel’s largest and leading chain store of baby and nursery products, in 1999. Our success there prompted us to enter the global market. Our goal is to encourage basic parenting. We offer products that nurture the special, warm environment that bonds parents and children. That’s why we always look beyond the mundane, to give familiar products an interesting new twist and look. We are gratified to see steady increasing sales, and believe that it is due to strong customer satisfaction with our products in terms of innovation, practicality, quality, durability, and value.



We’re parents, too!

As a young married couple, after having our first son, we began to notice that there were things missing from the world of baby products, and we decided to do something about it. All of our Simply Good employees are mothers and fathers, too, so the excitement and passion about our products is evident in everything we do.


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